CAFEtech Inc. was established in 1995 by C.A. 'Duke' Fleming in order to provide premium computer and network systems support to the micro and small business community in Southern California. Since it's inception, Mr. Fleming has been driven to provide small business owners the same quality and expert systems support and service, at an affordable price point for their business, that he provided as a senior technology executive and leader for the Fortune 500 companies of AlliedSignal and Sunkist Growers.

CAFEtech LA performs services for our customers ranging from PC systems maintenance and repair, to outsourced network management and support, to full systems design and integration with existing or re-engineered business processes. While our focus is primarily local to the Los Angeles area, we have provided project support for companies with both a national and international scope and impact.

Are you a Manufacturing business? Professional Services Provider? Entertainment business? Real Estate and Property Management? Law Firm? Law Enforcement and Private Security? Parking Management? Financial Services and Management? Federal, State, and local government. Non-profit Trade and Industry Associations? Our experience and expertise covers a wide diversity of business sectors and their associated systems technologies.

Our objective is simple: make your technology investment in your business work for you. Our people aren't just techno-geeks. They understand what it takes to make a business profitable. They know how to speak the language of your business, as well as technology. We understand that our customers just want their systems and technology to work, this time and every time; and we know what it takes to deliver that result.

We make sure IT JUST WORKS! This time.....every time.

Quality & Expertise

CAFEtech LA is driven to provide the same high quality, expert systems & support service that founder 'Duke' Fleming provided to Fortune 500 companies such as AlliedSignal and Sunkist Growers.